Game Content

To play Descent and Descent 2 over DXX-Rebirth you still need the content of the original games, since it was not released together with the Sourcecode. The game content consists of the game missions, textures, models, sound and music – in short: everything that you can see or hear inside the game.

If you have an original copy of the game(s) (full version, OEM, Shareware, whatever), you can use it with DXX-Rebirth – no problem. Each individual package will explain in detail how to set it up properly.

Until December the games were available on and I highly recommended to get them from there – not least due to their fair price and DRM-free policy. However the games were removed and we hope that they will show up soon again. Until then I can only recommend you to check Amazon, eBay and other stores to find the game. And if everything fails, you can still use the Shareware version…

Shareware/Demo Content

Descent 1 and 2 are awesome games. And I know many will agree with me. But if you are new to the experience, you might want to try before buying.

No problem! Here you can download the Descent Shareware content as well as the Descent 2 Interactive Demo content files as well.

[DOWNLOAD] “Descent – PC Shareware” game content
[DOWNLOAD] “Descent – Mac Demo” game content (NOTE: If you want to use this content on a non-Mac OS build of D1X-Rebirth, you will need the “Missing Sounds from Macintosh Game Content”-Addon)
[DOWNLOAD] “Descent 2 – PC Interactive Demo” game content

Note: These packages only contain the actual game content, which will work with D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth. However they do not contain the original engine (EXE-files) so it cannot be used as a standalone product.

These packages can also be used for distribution of DXX-Rebirth on game compilations or Linux distributions. Feel free to use them but if it’s not to much to ask, let me know, will ya?

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