Game Tracker

The DXX-Rebirth tracker service allows you to find and join D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth Multiplayer games if the game host desires this. It was developed and is hosted by Matt “1360” Vandermeulen.

Never before it was so easy to get into Multiplayer action. Just in the game select MULTIPLAYER > FIND LAN/ONLINE GAMES and the tracker will immediately send you all games that are currently running. Just select your game and you are done.

Also outside of the game you can check if games are running by using the tracker website:


All the information the tracker holds can also be queried if you desire to show running games on your own website or somewhere else. Just check out the Dev Info on the tracker status page.

The tracker protocol works via UDP and games submit lightweight game information to the tracker regularly. If a client wants to see all running games only the tracker server is queried. This way there will be no increased traffic for all game hosts and therefor clients will be able to see running games much faster, too. The tracker also has been coded to support IPv6 to be future-proof.

If you encounter problems with the tracker please contact me.

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