Welcome to the DXX-Rebirth project!

This project is dedicated to two of the most impressive First-Person Shooters of the nineties: Descent & Descent 2

DXX-Rebirth is a source port of the Descent and Descent 2 Engines for Windows, Mac OS, Linux (most *NIX systems), so you won’t need DOSBox to play the games. Additionally, it offers OpenGL graphics and effects, advanced Multiplayer, many improvements and new features.

If you want to know more, read about the project and its features or start right away and Download now!


  • Just a few more days till retirement… (2/1/2020)

    Hello pilots, Zico here!

    It’s been said you should always end on a high note. Without a doubt, when it comes to DXX-Rebirth I missed that mark… a few times actually.

    When I started this project in 2005 I worked on it almost every free minute I could spare. For years. It was just a hobby, but it was fun. More importantly it was for two of my favorite games. That is until I burned out on it entirely. That was somewhere around 2014. Told myself I just had to take it a bit slower, but just another year or so later, I dropped off entirely. Stopped checking mails, the forums, couldn’t even bring myself to look at the source anymore. Ignored all the signs. But I always kept myself the promise to return one day.

    And last year I decided to give it another go. Because I still care for this hobby project, which grew way bigger than I ever could have anticipated. And make no mistake, I am forever grateful for the community. For you! You who gave this port a chance, played it, maybe liked it. Those of you who contributed, wrote bug reports, patches and whatnot. You’re the best!

    So I felt an obligation to continue and may it only be by testing, fixing a few bugs, maybe implement a feature or two. But I realized that it’s time to wrap things up. For good this time. As much as I hate to admit it, these years burned away all the love and drive I had for these games and this project. And DXX-Rebirth deserves at least someone who cares. Luckily kp has been maintaining it for the past years and done amazing things. So don’t you worry, DXX-Rebirth will live on. Nothing is going to happen for the foreseeable future. I will keep the website online and as long as kp is updating the port, I will provide semi-regular packages. That’s the least I can do for all of you.
    However that’s where my involvement will end. That also means the Discord server will close by the end of February. I wanted to provide a platform for the community, but I just can’t do it. I’m sorry.

    Once more I would like to thank all of you who stuck with DXX-Rebirth for all these years. Players and contributors alike. This port wouldn’t be where it is without you. And as long as you are still there, it is in good hands.

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