Welcome to the DXX-Rebirth project!

This project is dedicated to two of the most impressive First-Person Shooters of the nineties: Descent & Descent 2

DXX-Rebirth is a source port of the Descent and Descent 2 Engines for Windows, Mac OS, Linux (most *NIX systems), so you won’t need DOSBox to play the games. Additionally, it offers OpenGL graphics and effects, advanced Multiplayer, many improvements and new features.

If you want to know more, read about the project and its features or start right away and Download now!


  • DXX-Rebirth rebooted (5/23/2019)

    Hello everybody!

    Zico here with a long overdue update. It’s been a while since I had a chance to actively support this project for various reasons (private and work-related), but that doesn’t change the fact that Descent and DXX-Rebirth are still very dear to me. So I decided to jump back into it and while I won’t be able to contribute a whole lot, there are quite a few things I can do.

    First and foremost, I resurrected the Weekly Builds to get you updated versions of DXX-Rebirth based on the current code base. kp – who I cannot thank enough – has been pushing updates and fixes for all this time since the last update and the game is in pretty good shape. I highly encourage you to give it a go! If you encounter any issues, check out the README file on how to report them to GitHub.

    Since the previous update of the Weekly Builds has been over a year ago, I purged the archive. However, unless there are no significant changes to the code, I will update these builds (hopefully) steadily. Due to the lack of a Mac, I currently cannot provide Mac OS builds, but I hope we can figure something out. I’m sorry.

    While slowly sinking back my teeth into this project, I intend to contribute more to the code itself, adding fixes where needed, working on the SDL2 support and (hopefully) more, I also updated the page slightly. This is still a work in progress and more changes (including a potential DXX-Rebirth Discord server) are yet to come. As stated, I am slowly transitioning back into this, so if I forgot something (which I probably have), I am sorry.

    Have fun!

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