DXX-Rebirth v0.57.2 released!

Hello folks,

DXX-Rebirth v0.57.2 has been released. Again it’s just a Bugfix version. It’s intention is to make the time for the next big release (v0.58, which is supposed to introduce a fully reworked Multiplayer) a bit shorter.

It’s fixes inhclude:

  •  Fix for bosses which did not attack after loading a Savegame
  • Slightly reworked Multiplayer traffic management (not fully finished until v0.58)
  • Fix crash when restoring Coop Savegame
  • Engine stability improvements / Fixes for very old Engine bugs
  • Crash Fix for users of PhysFS 1.x
  • Fix for Linking errors on newer Linux distributions (linking libmath)
  • New SDL.DLL has been added to fix mouse snapping when minimizing game using ALT+TAB
  • For a full list of changes please check CHANGELOG.txt

Get the release now at the Download-page and have fun with it. And feel free to leave Feedback.

Man vs. Technology

Hello guys,

I feel the need for a little statement as right now basically everything goes wrong here. As I already mentioned in some places I am currently reworking the whole Multiplayer to give the Host/Server more authority over the game which should finally fix inconsistencies between clients as a result from lag, packet loss, etc. I am also preparing some more improvements especially to take off some usage from the game host due to the new packet transfer.

As this takes quite some time, we have decided to release a Bugfix version which should fix the most annoying bugs, especially some compile-time issues as well as the most prominent that causes bosses not to fire at you.

However due to the update of some libraries the OS X release gives us some trouble. As soon as this is fixed however, we’ll publish the current development code – which has been tested for some time now – to public so shorten the time to the next full-blown release which will then hopefully be heaven for all fans of Multiplayer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Feel free to leave some Feedback in our forums.

Merry DXX-Mas to you all!

In the name of the DXX-Rebirth developers I would like to wish a merry DXX-Mas (which is our compability word-layer for any festivity you might celebrate around this time) and a happy new year to all faithful players and all visitors of DXX-Rebirth.
Merry DXX-MasAdmittedly it was a rather slow year for our project. A lot has been started but few has been finished. But I guess to improve on that would be a perfect resolution for the new year, right?
Yes, I think that could work out and I have to say 2012 sounds like a very good year. I do not know why but this number always fascinated me the most – I never cared too much about the 2000 nor 2010 and I am not excited about 2020 either. But even before the whole “end of the world”-predictions I was excited about 2012. So yeah – let’s make 2012 the best year of DXX-Rebirth there ever was!

So have an awesome holiday and a happy new year! I’ll see you there!

P.S. Feel free to share your own greetings or rant about my slow working in our forums.