DXX-Rebirth v0.57.1 released

Hello folks!

Precisely one month after the release of v0.57 I would like to offer you it’s successor: v0.57.1. It is a pure Bugfix version. That means no new features just less errors, less glitches and less crashes.
For a full list of all fixes please check out the Changelog which comes with each package.

I hope you’ll have much fun with our newest release. Get it while it’s hot!

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Hey folks,

This message is a semi-followup to the thread I posted here:

When I originally posted this original message I wanted to find out where you all were coming from but I also hoped for a whole bag of postcards.

Still I got some postcards and I got very excited and very happy with them. However I only got a total of four over all these years. So I want to post this seperate thread again to raise your attention again.

So IF you wanna da something nice but you do not have the time or money to donate, just invest a buck or two to send me a postcard. Soemthing with a nice picture from where you live or something, a little greeting – nothing fancy. Or you could write me a letter and include some photos from your location.

I know this is the time of the internet and you probably already wonder what a “postcard” even is (just kidding – of course you do). Still digital images or eMails (even tho I am also happy to get these as well) do not really match the experience of something I can hold in my hands and put it on my pinboard.

I want a whole wall fully covered in images and cards from all those I make a bit happy with my work. So if you can invest that little time, please consider that.
My address you’ll find on the website, scolling all the way down and use the “Conact“-link.

Thanks for your attention. 🙂

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DXX-Rebirth v0.57 released

Hello folks!

Finally the wait is over: DXX-Rebirth v0.57 is now released. This time I can safely say it really was worth all the 9 months of development since it’s probably the most feature-rich release we’ve pulled out so far.

Here is a small overview of the most important changes and additions:

  • OpenGL ES Support by Florian Feucht and Oliver Haag
  • Anisotropic texture filtering
  • Improved transparency effects
  • Colored Lighting effects
  • A wide collection of Reticles is selectable including settings for Reticle size, color and transparency
  • Expanded Sensitivity and Deadzone settings for Mouse and Joystick
  • New optional control type for Mouse – FlightSim. Provides Mouse movement with an absolute center similar to Joystick-like control
  • Improved weapon cycling/selection options (for Mouse mostly)
  • Many improvements for the ingame menus such as scrolling via Mouse wheel, closing menus via right Mouse button, key repeats, Numlock support and more
  • Support for keyboard layout-specific keys for game controls
  • Find and join online games via Tracker server created and hosted by Matt “1360” Vandermeulen
  • D1X-Rebirth now supports Descent 2 Multiplayer features such as fixed Play Time, Kill goal, Bright Players and Invulnerability when respawning
  • Option to disable Friendly Fire in Multiplayer Team games
  • Bounty game mode for Multiplayer by Matt “1360” Vandermeulen. Goal is it to kill the targeted player to score and become the new target
  • Possibility to save and restore Cooperative games
  • The game will automatically remember previously set Multiplayer rules
  • M3U Playlist support for the Jukebox
  • Random playback mode for the Jukebox
  • Slightly improved wall collision handling
  • Expanded possibilities for level authors: Support for custom descent2.ham inside missions (D2X-Rebirth). Support for Levels with up to 9000 segments (cubes). Support for Textures bigger than 64×64 pixels
  • To prevent type-kills the game HUD will show “TYPING” below a player when a chat message is composed
  • Free flight controls for the Automap
  • Many Bugfixes and further improvements. Check CHANGELOG.txt for a full list of changes

I hope you’ll have much fun with our newest release. Get it while it’s hot!

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