Downloads updated, take 2

Hey folks,

I am not sure if you have noticed it, but there were some updates going on during the last week and also today we managed to cause some more traffic for the beloved server.
That means: More Downloads for everyone!

Here’s a summary of what was added/changed:

  • An OPL3 Version of the game’s Soundtracks has been released as AddOn. Recorded by Ruben “Pumo” Acevedo and Archive created by Bernd Busse.
  • The interactive Mac Demo game content for Descent 1 is now available on the Game content page. Why using this one over the PC Version? Three words: High resolution cockpit!
  • The german briefings for both D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth got some corrections. Fixed typos and whatnot. If you find more, just drop me a line, will ya?
  • All AddOns have been re-uploaded to fix a little typo in README.txt. Not really important in the first place and no need for a new download.

Downloads updated

Hey folks!

Today I offer you some new Downloads on DXX-Rebirth!

First I added the “Descent – Shareware” as well as the “Descent 2 – Interactive Demo” game content to the Game Content page. Also there is a new Misc page, housing all sorts of stuff and will hopefuly grow in the future.

And last but not least the DXX-Rebirth download page now got a new link to our files. There now all previous releases of DXX-Rebirth are stored.
So no matter if you want to do research or just want to “catch them all” – have fun with it!

v0.56 Mac OS Update

Today I have some news for all you Mac OS users out there. First of all Kreator fixed the OS X packages which initially had a little bug related to the PhysicsFS library preventing the game from starting.

So if you suffer from this bug, just head to the Download page and re-download the OS X package.

And last but not least: DXX-Rebirth v0.56 now is available for Mac OS 9, too. Have much fun with it!