DXX-Rebirth v0.53 is out!

Over five months in the making and now we are back for good!

Main features of this version are:

  • Mouse wheel (or other axis) can now be mapped to cycle Weapons
  • Reworked homing missiles
  • Full UDP/IP Multiplayer online-capabilities
  • Big improvements in Multiplayer code
  • Improved Cockpit drawing
  • Grow/Shrink Window keys removed – cycle cockpit-modes with F3
  • Improved Memory usage in menus
  • Reworked INI/Command-line options (check out the NEW ini file/help screen)
  • Rewritten briefings
  • Resolution now stored in descent.cfg – no resolution changes anymore
  • Fixed some 64Bit bugs in Multiplayer
  • Improved collision-detection
  • New Multiplayer game profiles
  • Countless of small bugfixes and fixed glitches (see CHANGELOG.txt for a full list of changes)

Enjoy your stay!

P.S. The packages for MacOS 9/X have been updated now as well. -20071110

Happy Birthday DXX-Rebirth!

Today – two years ago – the DXX-Rebirth page went online.
Time to celebrate and look back to two years of Rebirth.

I remember the beginning of DXX as it was planned just to provide simple installers for the Linux versions of D1X and D2X. It was a weekend project with the aim to arouse more interest in both games and finding motivated coders to carry on the torch.

And it worked. Today DXX-Rebirth managed to evolve as I had never expected and even if it’s still not as big as other OpenSource projects and it’s still developing slowly, it became pretty nice and stable.

You can read the full history in the Project section.

And it’s still evolving. This weekend the first BETA version of v0.53 will be shipped to the testers and I have a good feeling that we can reach even more in the future – always keeping the balance between nostalgia, classic atmosphere and gameplay and modern improvements.

As from my point of view I wish that we will still have many years of Descent. I hope that you will agree since this project only became possible by all the players out there.

Live long DXX!

DXX-Rebirth 0.52 is out!

New version, new page.
DXX-Rebirth is back again!

Main features of this version are:

  • Redrawing Menus
  • Persistent Debris feature (optional) – Debris stay around one minute and float around
  • Code improvements for 64Bit systems
  • Big improvements and fixes on Demo system
  • Full SCons support for Sourcecode (MAC as well)
  • FPS-independent homing missiles
  • Extended Joystick configuration Panel
  • Large code cleanups
  • Improved HAM support for D2X-Rebirth
  • Fixed security issue in Multiplayer message-buffer
  • + much more bug fixes and improvements (too much to write it here – see CHANGELOG.txt)

Special Thanks for this release go to Thorsten Jordan, Alex_I and Zif.

Have fun with DXX-Rebirth v0.52.