GP2X promo video

I’m still porting DXX-Rebirth to the GP2X. D1X-Rebirth is nearly finished and D2X-Rebirth is in the works now.
1nf1n1ty – one of the D1X-Rebirth BETA testers of the GP2X version – created a stunning promo video for all the fans of Descent and the GP2X.
Check it out here!

Massive technical failure

Hello visitors.
After the release of DXX-Rebirth v0.50 some technical difficulties appeared.
Yesterday I had a complete harddrive crash and today I discovered more problems with my equipment. It seems my workstation is seriously damaged, and aside from the hard drive, the backup systems, as well as my ram, started to give up.

It is not my intention to call for donations, but this time it would be really helpful to keep the project running smoothly.
So if you want to support, and the continuity of DXX-Rebirth, I would be really happy if you could put some donations. Donations are always helpful, but the need was never greater than now. Still donating is voluntary.
If you decide to donate, please use the link in the navigation menu.

DXX-Rebirth v0.50 RELEASED and some more updates

The day has come.
After 6 months of development DXX-Rebirth v0.50 is finally ready for release.
Much changes are made, many improvements done and dozends of bugs fixed.
Of course so many changes could also introduce a bunch of new bugs. In any way feedback is desired. Send in your reports and please tell me what you think about this version and the current way of development of DXX-Rebirth.

Here is a short overview about the most important changes:

  • Completly scalable content like cockpit, menus, fonts, automap, briefings including facelift
  • Better joystick recognition
  • Support for 8 Joysticks (at the same time, of course)
  • Support for Mouse/Joystick control (Thanks to The_Lion)
  • Joystick deadzone option
  • FPS independent mouse control
  • SDL mouse support to use up to 3 axes
  • Widescreen aspect option
  • OpenGL fixes for “invisible walls”
  • SCons build system for D1X-Rebirth
  • More use of SDL in D1X-Rebirth – no DirectX code anymore on Windows (fixed lots of sound bugs, graphical glitches)
  • Use mouse in menus for D1X-Rebirth, too
  • DXX-Rebirth now saves configs in home-directory on Linux and makes use of Sharepaths
  • Backwards compability for D1X player files
  • Improved sound code for D1X-Rebirth
  • Support for individual language-files (Thanks to Sniper)
  • Fixed broken lighting system in D2X-Rebirth – robots are now affected by surrounding lights again
  • Fontcolor fixes in D1X-Rebirth Hires briefings (Thanks to Sniper)
  • Fixed wrong saved resolutions
  • Code optimisations, fixed memleaks and much more bug-fixes

This is just a VERY small list. See the complete history in dxx-changelog.txt included in each package.

Additionally this is not the only update. There are several small fixes for the site and we habe a new wallpaper available. I want to thank Matt ( MD 2211 in the forum) for his great work.
Also after many requests I re-lived the linux binaries again were the new packages contain a better structurisation. Feedback is welcome.
Additionally there is now a german translation for both D1X-R and D2X-R available for download in the Resource section. This work has been done by Sniper. And I want to thank him this way for this great work – THANKS!

Special Thanks for this version go to:
Escorter, Hans de Goede, Matt, Sniper and The_Lion.