New website and some news

Since we had some problems with the old website and it was my intention to change it some time ago I finally did.
Now I’m very satisfied with the results.
Many thanks here go to Vertigo1MD-2389. He helped me to correct some of my worst problems I have with the english language. Thank you!

Additionally I want to let you know that this project is not dead yet. 🙂
The development proceeds very well and I’m going to see the first results of months of hard work. Still we need some time for the next version. Many changes have been done, some are still on schedule.
Stay tuned!

D1X-Rebirth v0.42a – Bugfix version

I uploaded a small Bugfix version for D1X-Rebirth that fixes a small bug causing various lockups and music problems on Win9x-based systems.
If you use such a system and notice such bugs, please consider an update.

Some news

Still a bit stressed by my whole surrounding I finally managed to make some changes on the website.

First of all:
D2X-Rebirth is now available for MacOS. Thanks for this awesome work go to Chris Taylor (aka Kreator in the forum). I’m very happy about these packages and without Chris it wouldn’t be possible. Thanks!

We have a new forum. For some security issues and stupid tries to hack the old forum I decided to switch to SMF. Well, let’s see how it works.

Last but not least:
My eMail-Adress changed now to zico [at] unixboard [dot] de. So please use it if you want to contact me. The old one is still working, but not forever. 😉