Some news

Still a bit stressed by my whole surrounding I finally managed to make some changes on the website.

First of all:
D2X-Rebirth is now available for MacOS. Thanks for this awesome work go to Chris Taylor (aka Kreator in the forum). I’m very happy about these packages and without Chris it wouldn’t be possible. Thanks!

We have a new forum. For some security issues and stupid tries to hack the old forum I decided to switch to SMF. Well, let’s see how it works.

Last but not least:
My eMail-Adress changed now to zico [at] unixboard [dot] de. So please use it if you want to contact me. The old one is still working, but not forever. 😉


In exactly four weeks the first exam of my training will begin.
This means from this day on I can’t do anything more than learn, learn and learn for the next 10 weeks.
So as you probably think there will be no updates of the page or any new release of DXX.
I am very sorry about this but I need that time to finish the training in a good way.
I hope you will be not too disappointed and I promise the work on DXX-Rebirth will continue in 10 weeks.

HAPPY EASTER – DXX-Rebirth v0.42 released!

One more step for DXX.
I want to thank all players for their excellent reports. You really helped to move DXX this far.
Especially I want to thank
Deuxsonic, Escorter, holbred, Sniper, whitetiger
for constructive critic, bug reports, suggestions and much more.

Sorry it took so long for this release. The migration to SVN, the new build system and last but not least the server crash slowed down the whole development of this release. But I need to say I was lazy a little bit, too.

This version was meant to be 0.5 in the first place but I could not implement all the features I wanted to have in.
So It’s just a micro release. But don’t be confused, much has been done.

Main features of this version:

  • Implementation of scalable cockpits
  • Improved scale function for movies with switch to disable movie smoothing if needed
  • Improved MIDI support
  • Improved demo recording and playback function
  • Small fixes on D1X-Rebirth Briefing screens
  • Implementation of widescreen support
  • Fixes in credits
  • Improved Fullscreen toggle
  • Fixed flickering in D1X-Rebirth briefing robot screens
  • additional fixes and improvements

For further details see the ChangeLog.

Happy easter and happy playing everyone!