Descent games leave

Some days ago, the Descent games got removed from Fortunately – due to their DRM-free policy – you can still keep your game and continue playing it. But it will be impossible to buy a new copy until the legal/license issues that lead to the removal are resolved. And of course I hope that this will happen soon.

Of course for the time being I removed the link to Descent 1 & 2 on the Game Content page.

Right now it’s not clear if the games will also be removed from Steam or not as the details of the issue are unclear. But as stated above, let’s hope that the problem will be resolved rather sooner than later.

Sublevel Zero released!

5 days ago, on October 8th, Sigtrap Games released Sublevel Zero, a First Person Roguelike/lite Shooter with Six Degrees of Freedom! And I have to tell you that I fell in love with this little gem immediately. It was inspired by Descent in many, many ways and it shows.

So if you’re a Descent fan, you owe it to yourself, to check it out. It’s just $14.99 and you can grab it from Steam or (DRM-free).

And if you’re still undecided, you can watch the VOD of the release stream I did for together with the lead developer Luke Thompson right here.