Page update complete

Hello everyone!

During the past 3 days I put quite some work into the web presence of DXX-Rebirth. Initially I wanted to merge site and forums, giving it a unified experience, but that did absolutely not work the way I wanted. But now, things should be back to normal.

As you can see, there are a few minor changes on the layout of the site and the forums as well. Additionally, both should be completely mobile friendly now. I have also re-opened the forum registration and with a little magic behind the scenes, spam should be kept at bay.

Of course, feel free to give me your feedback (in the forums), too.

Thanks for your patience and have fun!

New forums – when it’s done!

Dear users,

unfortunately, right after the activation of the new forums, some friendly users made me aware of a few issues. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the (new) database was partially corrupted. Do not worry, tho: The original forum content is still there and secured. Right now I am working hard to get the forums back up and running. In case it proves impossible to migrate to bbPress without corruptions, I will settle for something else. However this is hard to say right now. But until I can say something more specific, I will revert the site back to normal and keep the original forums closed.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

The descent continues! Descent: Underground

It’s been nearly 16 years since we last prepared for Descent. Now Descendent Studios plans to revive the franchise with a new entry in the series: Descent: Underworld!

We all love and cherish this great series as it entertained us for all these years and still does to this day. And we all do our part – we are an active community of developers, modders, level creators and players. And now we can actively help Descent: Underworld to be born – by becoming a backer! Yes, it is founded via Kickstarter! So if you want to help, head over to their project page and show your support!


A link to the Website has been added in out Links-section to your left right ->