The world of Open Source has brought us some fantastic software. However the big success of Open Source and it’s greatest feature is, and has always been: The Community.

The Community keeps the spirit alive, gives projects a direction. DXX-Rebirth is no exception here.

If you like this project, there are many ways how you can help:


Even if this project is dedicated to a non-profit cause, the presence and maintenance causes costs for me.
Without going into too much detail, here are some numbers for you showing my average bill of a year:

Webserver: 100 EUR
Hardware: 70 EUR
Backup devices & media: 80 EUR
sum: 250 EUR

Also for a personal desire of mine I wish to contribute 35% of each donation towards cancer-research. At the end of each year I’ll take this percentage from the pool of donations and put them into a project of my choice.

So if you like this project please consider helping it by donating. You can do this with a transfer to my bank account or using a PayPal (also credit card) account.  If you want to use your bank account just contact me via eMail with subject “DXX-Rebirth donation” and I will send you the data needed for the transfer.
If you want to use PayPal just use the button below:


If you know a bit of C/C++, you can always contribute code to fix bugs, introduce new features, clean up our mess – you name it! You can do that by either mailing me or by posting into the forums (I’d prefer the first option, tho). There are no real conventions for code style or format. You can send whole files, diffs or whatever you prefer.


As written above, Open Source lives through it’s community. The most important thing is Feedback! If you encounter a bug, assume we are not aware of it. If you have a feature suggestion, tell us. If you think something should be done differently, let me know.
You can easily do that by either mailing me or by posting into the forums. The latter option might be the best idea – we have special subforums for bugs and feature suggestions.  Posting there will also let the players know about it and I’ll keep you informed about the status about your request as well.
P.S. Speaking of Feedback: Sometimes a coder also likes a nice word or two. 😉


Many folks who played DXX-Rebirth would not tell you this project is pretty solid. I tend to disagree: every project has it’s flaws, quirks and whatnot. But we always do our best to give you a good gaming experience. To ensure the best ratings in terms of compability, stability, portability and performance, I always try to make a lot of testings outside the cold and sterile code-development. More exotic devices on the other hand greatly help me to increase portability of the engines.
Especially to test Multiplayer capabilities, it’s very handy to actually own several different systems to test the games on. I also now made a nice collection of Joysticks and mice to always get a feel of what I could improve to provide the best interface options so you can easily master the Six Degrees of Freedom.
In short: If you do have some spare Hardware left you do not really need anymore, drop me a line, before you throw it away.

Spread the word

You have a friend who loves Descent and Descent 2 but does not know about DXX-Rebirth? Tell them!
You are active in some sort of Descent-related community which is not aware of DXX-Rebirth, yet? Let it know!
You want to let everyone know? Spread the word! It’s that easy.

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