Descent Mission Database

Over the years, the community grown around the Descent series has created thousands of self-made levels. These reach from small Anarchy levels up to complex and beautifully made single player campaigns.

The Descent Mission Database (DMDB in short) – created and maintained by Jourdan Laik – is a project to provide a platform for user generated level content for Descent, Descent 2 and Descent 3 to enrich the community with a clean and consistent database to host levels with mission description, screenshots, update notifications, etc.

Click here to enter the DMDB:

It’s simple, expandable and intuitive UI makes it easy to find the levels you are looking for to maximize your Descent experience.

The DMBD is continuously growing and expanding while it does not aim to be a complete database.

“Even though this is a Descent Database full of missions, it is not meant to compete with or replace any other established “archive” web site that hosts a database of missions. Rather, the DMDB’s goal is to provide a developer-updated environment to the end-user, the gamer. An environment in which the developer can host his creation for free, display it to the community, and keep it up-to-date for everyone to see. From the gamer’s point of view, they’re able to add their favorite missions to their account so as to be kept up-to-date as far as versions and release dates are concerned.”

– Jourdan Laik, DMDB ABOUT

Everyone is invited to contribute their levels to the DMDB. Only a free account registration is required which also gives you the opportunity to add missions to your favourites and upload your own missions. However if you are only browsing the database to download missions, you do not need an account. 

So if you are searching for levels to expand D1X-Rebirth or D2X-Rebirth or if you have made a level or set by yourself, the DMDB is what you are looking for.

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