Misc downloads

Here you will find some random stuff which does not fit into any other section of the page but might be interesting for you. A little treasure box with some random loot if you will. Have fun.

[DOWNLOAD] Descent game content patch v1.0 to 1.4a
This platform independent patch updates Descent game content – descent.hog/pig only – from v1.0 to v1.4a state. D1X-Rebirth v0.56 or higher will not need this anymore. Use it as you will.
Please also note that this update introduces a special type of smart missiles used by bots (Level 7 boss). These are more harmless and therefor this boss fight will be a bit easier using the 1.4a game content.

[DOWNLOAD] Descent True Type Fonts
Made by Harald Koenigsperger
A set of the fonts used in the Descent 1/2 menus and ingame. Very handy to create Wallpapers and other Descent-related artwork.

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