Descent 2 turns 10, Descent 11!

Wow. It’s now 10 years since Descent 2 went gold. I remember like yesterday:
Equipped with a level 4 quad laser I stormed our local Toys’R’us, watching every edge for the shining claw of a medium lifter. Then I got it in my hand: the Descent 2 package. It was a great feeling. Just like one year before when Descent was released in february, too. I bought the game in a bundle with “Levels of the World” and it kept my busy for months.

Descent is a cult, a classic, a myth. With the work on DXX-Rebirth I hope to let Descent live on for another 10, 20 or 50 years. Ok it may be unrealistic, but as a Descent fan I can dream, right? 🙂
And with the great responses of all the players out there the lifetime of DXX-Rebirth has been expanded drasticly.
Keep on guys. Enjoy the games as I did when I was a small boy.

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