DXX-Rebirth 0.52 is out!

New version, new page.
DXX-Rebirth is back again!

Main features of this version are:

  • Redrawing Menus
  • Persistent Debris feature (optional) – Debris stay around one minute and float around
  • Code improvements for 64Bit systems
  • Big improvements and fixes on Demo system
  • Full SCons support for Sourcecode (MAC as well)
  • FPS-independent homing missiles
  • Extended Joystick configuration Panel
  • Large code cleanups
  • Improved HAM support for D2X-Rebirth
  • Fixed security issue in Multiplayer message-buffer
  • + much more bug fixes and improvements (too much to write it here – see CHANGELOG.txt)

Special Thanks for this release go to Thorsten Jordan, Alex_I and Zif.

Have fun with DXX-Rebirth v0.52.

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