DXX-Rebirth v0.04 RELEASED!

  • Version 0.04 of D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth is now available in die DOWNLOAD section. See CHANGELOG for a full list of changes, fixes and new features.
  • Now I’m very proud to introduce you the newest DXX-Rebirth member: Maystorm ( henkelx[at]web[dot]de ). As myself he lives here in germany. Since v0.03 is released he spend restless hours with the ports to find every little bug and helped me out to solve them as fast as possible. Further I want to thank him for creative ideas and his assistance with the D1X-Source. Welcome to the team, Maystorm!
  • If v0.04 is going well and without new bugs I plan to implement some new features to the two ports. This includes a working cockpit for D1X in every resolution available. If this works this feature will be added to D2X as well. Further I think about to increase the number of maximum extra levels D1X and D2X are able to hold. But since I’m note sure why this isn’t working after all it will take some time.
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