DXX-Rebirth v0.51 is out!

Hello everybody.
Today it’s finally time for a new version of DXX-Rebirth. It is mostly a Bugfix version. The only real new features are transparency effects for OpenGL and a new file structure that contains seperate directories for demos, HiRes data, missions and screenshots. Also the joystick code has been improved once again. And last but not least tons of small glitches and bugs have been fixed and some facelifts were made.
See the complete history in dxx-changelog.txt included in each package.

I want to use this news for another call:
DXX-Rebirth needs new screenshots. The screenshot section is totally outdated. If you took a shot from of a cool situation or you had another great view, please submit this shot and it will go online, right here on DXX-Rebirth.com.

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