DXX-Rebirth v0.53 is out!

Over five months in the making and now we are back for good!

Main features of this version are:

  • Mouse wheel (or other axis) can now be mapped to cycle Weapons
  • Reworked homing missiles
  • Full UDP/IP Multiplayer online-capabilities
  • Big improvements in Multiplayer code
  • Improved Cockpit drawing
  • Grow/Shrink Window keys removed – cycle cockpit-modes with F3
  • Improved Memory usage in menus
  • Reworked INI/Command-line options (check out the NEW ini file/help screen)
  • Rewritten briefings
  • Resolution now stored in descent.cfg – no resolution changes anymore
  • Fixed some 64Bit bugs in Multiplayer
  • Improved collision-detection
  • New Multiplayer game profiles
  • Countless of small bugfixes and fixed glitches (see CHANGELOG.txt for a full list of changes)

Enjoy your stay!

P.S. The packages for MacOS 9/X have been updated now as well. -20071110

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