DXX-Rebirth v0.55.1 Bugfix Version released!

DXX-Rebirth v0.55.1 has been released today. It fixes the most annoying bugs of v0.55, such as:

  • Fixed Version mismatch error in D2X-Rebirth when joining a Netgame
  • Fixed potential crash when openeing or joining UDP Netgame
  • Fixed FPS-dependent collision damage when encountering claw-type robots and their specific movement behaviour
  • Fixed Mouse Z-Axis (Wheel)
  • Fixed Mouse reading in Automap
  • Mouse Filtering is now freely selectable (was always on by default)
  • Made Vectorial Reticle smaller
  • Fonts will only scale pixel-accurate when Texture-Filtering is on
  • Demo interpolation startup is (hopefully) more accurate (Workaround for some broken demos)
  • Fixed broken BUGGIN Cheat in D1X-Rebirth

Have fun with it!

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