DXX-Rebirth v0.57.2 released!

Hello folks,

DXX-Rebirth v0.57.2 has been released. Again it’s just a Bugfix version. It’s intention is to make the time for the next big release (v0.58, which is supposed to introduce a fully reworked Multiplayer) a bit shorter.

It’s fixes inhclude:

  •  Fix for bosses which did not attack after loading a Savegame
  • Slightly reworked Multiplayer traffic management (not fully finished until v0.58)
  • Fix crash when restoring Coop Savegame
  • Engine stability improvements / Fixes for very old Engine bugs
  • Crash Fix for users of PhysFS 1.x
  • Fix for Linking errors on newer Linux distributions (linking libmath)
  • New SDL.DLL has been added to fix mouse snapping when minimizing game using ALT+TAB
  • For a full list of changes please check CHANGELOG.txt

Get the release now at the Download-page and have fun with it. And feel free to leave Feedback.

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