Forum problems: Round 2

As many of you might remember, we had some problems with our forums in the past. Two days ago there was a sequel.

And like with most movies, this one was worse then what I had to face before. So yesterday I basically had TRANSFORMERS 2 on my server.
This began with massive faults in PhpBB and ended with corrupt database backups I got from my incompetent service provider. Long story…

But don’t fear – all posts, private messages and users are still there (from what I could see) and in a rush I managed to install a new forum software. You might want to re-install your avatars (I will try to provide a ZIP with all archived avatars in case you have not saved yours) and of course you need to get comfortable with the new forum software. I hope it will not be to stressful for you faithful users.

I can only say I am sorry for all the trouble.

The link to the forum is already updated.

Once again, sorry.

Best regards,
The DXX-Rebirth team

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