Happy Birthday DXX-Rebirth!

Today – two years ago – the DXX-Rebirth page went online.
Time to celebrate and look back to two years of Rebirth.

I remember the beginning of DXX as it was planned just to provide simple installers for the Linux versions of D1X and D2X. It was a weekend project with the aim to arouse more interest in both games and finding motivated coders to carry on the torch.

And it worked. Today DXX-Rebirth managed to evolve as I had never expected and even if it’s still not as big as other OpenSource projects and it’s still developing slowly, it became pretty nice and stable.

You can read the full history in the Project section.

And it’s still evolving. This weekend the first BETA version of v0.53 will be shipped to the testers and I have a good feeling that we can reach even more in the future – always keeping the balance between nostalgia, classic atmosphere and gameplay and modern improvements.

As from my point of view I wish that we will still have many years of Descent. I hope that you will agree since this project only became possible by all the players out there.

Live long DXX!

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