Launch of the DXX-Rebirth Discord server

DXX-Rebirth started in 2005 – almost 15 years ago. Since then, the internet has changed quite a bit. Initially I launched the forums to keep track of bugs, suggestions and provide a place for people to talk about the project.

By now, the GitHub issue tracker has replaced the forums as a much more efficient way to keep track of bugs and suggestions. Additionally, other solutions emerged that serve as a better place for the community, allowing to chat, have fun and play together.

That’s why I created the DXX-Rebirth Discord server with a selection of text channels and voice chats for general purposes as well as Multiplayer games. If you think that sounds fun, then feel free to join.

We think that this server provides a much better alternative for the remaining purpose the forums are currently serving and that we can eventually retire them. For the time being, the forums will stay online so you can back up images or other memories.

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