Status update

Hello pilots!

Two weeks ago, I started providing up-to-date builds of DXX-Rebirth based on the current source code again and promised to keep this process going. I called them “Weekly builds” and I already suspected this term might not be the best since there could always be days when an update might not be worthwhile. May it be because there have not been any changes, game breaking bugs, me not being around or something else.

Such is the case today. There’s only been minor updates regarding the build process which make no difference for the Windows build whatsoever. And since my webspace is limited, I decided to skip an update this week and instead focusing more on testing. As there are new changes, I’ll update again of course.

That being said, by now I’ve tested the current build of May 30th extensively and such as it is, the game is in a great state, thanks to kp’s work over the years. In case you’re still using an older version, I highly encourage you to update. On that note, I removed the build of May 24th due to various mistakes I made packaging it and some libraries not being up to date or missing (it couldn’t play OGG or FLAC files).

Since I’ve been absent from the project for years, I think the least you deserve is an update. I’ll keep continue testing and frankly, being able to just play the games for once is great. Prior to my break, I did nothing but work on the engine for about a decade and I nearly forgot how much fun this game is.

I also have a few other things on my plate, some catching up and a few new things that I hope you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned!

Have fun in the mines!

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