SDLDevil – Level Editor

Descent always lived on through new content created by a very dedicated community. Litereally thousands of levels – Singleplayer and Multiplayer alike – were created and are still played today.

While the work on the builtin Level editor of DXX-Rebirth is not finished, yet, there still is light at the end of the tunnel …


Created by Descent player and fan Florian “v66r” Feucht he describes it as follows:

“this is the effort, porting the classic DOS Descent leveleditor DEVIL written by Achim Stremplat to modern platforms like Linux or Windows. The graphics backend was ported to the LibSDL. There were no changes regarding the UI, it should feel (nearly) like the old DOS program.”

While SDLDevil is still under heavy development it’s already a capable tool to create levels and perfect for all fans of the original MS-DOS Software.

Click here to enter the SDLDevil project site:

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