DXX-Rebirth v0.57 released

Hello folks!

Finally the wait is over: DXX-Rebirth v0.57 is now released. This time I can safely say it really was worth all the 9 months of development since it’s probably the most feature-rich release we’ve pulled out so far.

Here is a small overview of the most important changes and additions:

  • OpenGL ES Support by Florian Feucht and Oliver Haag
  • Anisotropic texture filtering
  • Improved transparency effects
  • Colored Lighting effects
  • A wide collection of Reticles is selectable including settings for Reticle size, color and transparency
  • Expanded Sensitivity and Deadzone settings for Mouse and Joystick
  • New optional control type for Mouse – FlightSim. Provides Mouse movement with an absolute center similar to Joystick-like control
  • Improved weapon cycling/selection options (for Mouse mostly)
  • Many improvements for the ingame menus such as scrolling via Mouse wheel, closing menus via right Mouse button, key repeats, Numlock support and more
  • Support for keyboard layout-specific keys for game controls
  • Find and join online games via Tracker server created and hosted by Matt “1360” Vandermeulen
  • D1X-Rebirth now supports Descent 2 Multiplayer features such as fixed Play Time, Kill goal, Bright Players and Invulnerability when respawning
  • Option to disable Friendly Fire in Multiplayer Team games
  • Bounty game mode for Multiplayer by Matt “1360” Vandermeulen. Goal is it to kill the targeted player to score and become the new target
  • Possibility to save and restore Cooperative games
  • The game will automatically remember previously set Multiplayer rules
  • M3U Playlist support for the Jukebox
  • Random playback mode for the Jukebox
  • Slightly improved wall collision handling
  • Expanded possibilities for level authors: Support for custom descent2.ham inside missions (D2X-Rebirth). Support for Levels with up to 9000 segments (cubes). Support for Textures bigger than 64×64 pixels
  • To prevent type-kills the game HUD will show “TYPING” below a player when a chat message is composed
  • Free flight controls for the Automap
  • Many Bugfixes and further improvements. Check CHANGELOG.txt for a full list of changes

I hope you’ll have much fun with our newest release. Get it while it’s hot!

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Downloads updated

Hey folks!

Today I offer you some new Downloads on DXX-Rebirth!

First I added the “Descent – Shareware” as well as the “Descent 2 – Interactive Demo” game content to the Game Content page. Also there is a new Misc page, housing all sorts of stuff and will hopefuly grow in the future.

And last but not least the DXX-Rebirth download page now got a new link to our Sourceforge.net files. There now all previous releases of DXX-Rebirth are stored.
So no matter if you want to do research or just want to “catch them all” – have fun with it!

v0.56 Mac OS Update

Today I have some news for all you Mac OS users out there. First of all Kreator fixed the OS X packages which initially had a little bug related to the PhysicsFS library preventing the game from starting.

So if you suffer from this bug, just head to the Download page and re-download the OS X package.

And last but not least: DXX-Rebirth v0.56 now is available for Mac OS 9, too. Have much fun with it!