DXX-Rebirth v0.56 BETA is coming soon!

Hello folks,

Next week, on July 4th 2010, DXX-Rebirth v0.56 BETA1 will be released. This will start the public BETA-test in which everyone can participate – without any registration whatsoever.

BETA releases, information, bug reports and so forth will be handled via the BETA Area Forum. Please visit the Forum and the Announcement thread for more information.

If you plan to participate in the BETA-test I would like to thank you in advance. Help us to make DXX-Rebirth better than before.

Best regards,

DXX-Redrawn – Episode 5 out!

Dear visitors,

After a long time of silence I still cannot offer a new version of DXX-Rebirth to you. As an apology and – at the same time – a gift for you dedication I would like to offer you the fifth issue of DXX-Redrawn. In this issue we want to apprechiate one of the most iconic character in Videogame history.

Check out DXX-Redrawn now (in the Media Section)!

Merry DXX-Mas!

In the name of the DXX-Rebirth developers I would like to wish a merry DXX-Mas and a happy new year to all faithful players and all visitors of DXX-Rebirth.

Merry DXX-Mas

It was a very busy year for the project, even if there have not been that many presents for you. However, we all look forward to 2010 – the fifth year of the project. So many freaky things we promised, so many things to do – but only 12 months in this new year. Still, I am very excited, and I hope you are, too.

Stay tuned, everyone! And be prepared for the way it’s meant to play Descent!