DXX-Rebirth 0.54 released!

After 8 months of development, v0.54 is finally ready for release. And a lot has been done. Here is a very short list of changes:

  • Heavily improved multiplayer and new UDP/IP code
  • Demo recording now records way smaller demos (still backwards compatible)
  • PhysFS support for both D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth
  • Mouse speed and sensitivity problems resolved
  • Many game crashes due uninitiated memory is now fixed – improved game
  • Menus improved
  • Inside Game Logging system like Quake console (SHIFT+ESC)
  • Many options now have moved from INI file to game options and will be
  • Collision system has been improved – no more stuck enemies or items
  • If a wrong resolution has been selected your graphics card does not
    support, game will reset to 640×480 instead of crashing
  • NEW glReticle
  • Heavily improved ingame timer – less CPU, more FPS
  • MP3/OGG/AIF/WAV Jukebox support!
  • Text readings are now done in Unicode to support non-US keyboards
  • More accurate Homing missile vectors
  • Many bug fixes, slacked code, and more! (this is a very small list,
    you know)
  • D1X-Rebirth now also runs on Mac!

I really hope you will have fun with this new relase and enjoy playing.