News for the MAC

Today is a special day.
Kreator has prepared D2X-Rebirth v0.50 for MacOS. In the name of all MacOS users I want to thank him this way.
Additionally I want to welcome Kreator to the DXX-Rebirth developers team. I’m very hapy we can finally put our work together. So, Kreator: welcome to the team!

GP2X promo video

I’m still porting DXX-Rebirth to the GP2X. D1X-Rebirth is nearly finished and D2X-Rebirth is in the works now.
1nf1n1ty – one of the D1X-Rebirth BETA testers of the GP2X version – created a stunning promo video for all the fans of Descent and the GP2X.
Check it out here!

Massive technical failure

Hello visitors.
After the release of DXX-Rebirth v0.50 some technical difficulties appeared.
Yesterday I had a complete harddrive crash and today I discovered more problems with my equipment. It seems my workstation is seriously damaged, and aside from the hard drive, the backup systems, as well as my ram, started to give up.

It is not my intention to call for donations, but this time it would be really helpful to keep the project running smoothly.
So if you want to support, and the continuity of DXX-Rebirth, I would be really happy if you could put some donations. Donations are always helpful, but the need was never greater than now. Still donating is voluntary.
If you decide to donate, please use the link in the navigation menu.