Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!

Today I’m going on holiday to my family together with my beloved girlfriend. Since I won’t be back until next year I take the chance to wish all the DXX players a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. May all your wishes come true.

News for the MAC

Today is a special day.
Kreator has prepared D2X-Rebirth v0.50 for MacOS. In the name of all MacOS users I want to thank him this way.
Additionally I want to welcome Kreator to the DXX-Rebirth developers team. I’m very hapy we can finally put our work together. So, Kreator: welcome to the team!

GP2X promo video

I’m still porting DXX-Rebirth to the GP2X. D1X-Rebirth is nearly finished and D2X-Rebirth is in the works now.
1nf1n1ty – one of the D1X-Rebirth BETA testers of the GP2X version – created a stunning promo video for all the fans of Descent and the GP2X.
Check it out here!