HAPPY EASTER – DXX-Rebirth v0.42 released!

One more step for DXX.
I want to thank all players for their excellent reports. You really helped to move DXX this far.
Especially I want to thank
Deuxsonic, Escorter, holbred, Sniper, whitetiger
for constructive critic, bug reports, suggestions and much more.

Sorry it took so long for this release. The migration to SVN, the new build system and last but not least the server crash slowed down the whole development of this release. But I need to say I was lazy a little bit, too.

This version was meant to be 0.5 in the first place but I could not implement all the features I wanted to have in.
So It’s just a micro release. But don’t be confused, much has been done.

Main features of this version:

  • Implementation of scalable cockpits
  • Improved scale function for movies with switch to disable movie smoothing if needed
  • Improved MIDI support
  • Improved demo recording and playback function
  • Small fixes on D1X-Rebirth Briefing screens
  • Implementation of widescreen support
  • Fixes in credits
  • Improved Fullscreen toggle
  • Fixed flickering in D1X-Rebirth briefing robot screens
  • additional fixes and improvements

For further details see the ChangeLog.

Happy easter and happy playing everyone!

The Inferno

Yesterday the webserver that hosts this site went down. Harddrive crash.
But the webmaster, Andreas, did everything to save what was possible and deverted the loss at it’s best.
All my thanks go now to him – the man who worked for hours to let you see this page again and still sponsors the whole webspace (now on a brand new server cluster), domain and everything else to keep DXX alive on the internet.
Thanks Andreas, I owe you one more.

Unfortunately the forum database could not be saved. That means that all you forum members will find an empty forum again. I’m sorry for this and I hope you will register again.

Descent 2 turns 10, Descent 11!

Wow. It’s now 10 years since Descent 2 went gold. I remember like yesterday:
Equipped with a level 4 quad laser I stormed our local Toys’R’us, watching every edge for the shining claw of a medium lifter. Then I got it in my hand: the Descent 2 package. It was a great feeling. Just like one year before when Descent was released in february, too. I bought the game in a bundle with “Levels of the World” and it kept my busy for months.

Descent is a cult, a classic, a myth. With the work on DXX-Rebirth I hope to let Descent live on for another 10, 20 or 50 years. Ok it may be unrealistic, but as a Descent fan I can dream, right? 🙂
And with the great responses of all the players out there the lifetime of DXX-Rebirth has been expanded drasticly.
Keep on guys. Enjoy the games as I did when I was a small boy.