DXX-Rebirth v0.40 released!

Finally v0.40 of DXX-Rebirth has reached the stable phase.
I want to thank all players for their excellent reports. You really helped to move DXX this far.

Main features of this version:

  • Custom resolutions
  • Scaling menus and movies to game resolution in D2X
  • A lot of MIDI fixes and full MIDI support for Linux with AWE and MPU401 compatible cards
  • D1X saves resolutions automaticly – no need to set them in INI file or command-line
  • … and a lot bug fixes and code-cleanings

For further details see the ChangeLog.
And while you (hopefully) have fun fun with v0.40 I’ve already started with the work on the next release.

Project-Blog expands

Now that Sniper has started some great improvements on DXX-Rebirth I decided to move the Project Blog to the forum.
This way anyone can start her/his own little blog about her/his work. This way other users have the possibility to comment their work and put in new ideas or everything they want.

Project-Blog online

DXX is an OpenSource project. And since the source code is available for everyone I also want to make my work itself public now. This way everyone can see the exact status of the project. Once again this idea is one of Sniper.
You find the BLOG in the PROJECT section. You should have a look at it. I try to update it as much as I can.
Second thing for today are some updates in the TODO list.