New micro version – v0.31 – released

Even if v0.3 is just online for 4 days, there’s already a new version.
The most important fix in that micro release is that D1X doesn’t crash anymore if you try to start a new udp/ip game. Additionally the windows version of D2X should be now a little bit faster (at least as fast as windows is able to) while it switches between resolutions.
For other changes just take a look to the CHANGELOG section.


Today DXX comes with a very big update.
As you can see, the style of the website has completly changed. A good friend of mine – Gregor Kittlaus – made this possible and I want to thank him now for all his work.
The second, and not less important change is:
DXX-Rebirth is now available for Linux and Windows.
Much thanks here go to SNIPER, the best D1X BETA-tester since this project exists. He did not only brought excellent reports but great new ideas for the whole project. Thank you SNIPER.
With his help it was possible to drive DXX further that I ever could imagine. That’s why that there’s now such a huge version step from v0.04 to v0.3.
If you ask me this version would deserve a much higher version number, but i want to keep some of them for some cool new stuff.

And much more has been done:

  • A new DXX version and updated and documented sourcecode
  • HiRes additions for D1X, new HUDs for D2X and tons of bugfixes
  • Large DOWNLOAD section with patches, levels and much more
  • New sections for the page with TODO-list, Changelog and a small forum for any DXX talk
  • A new SCREENSHOT section and WALLPAPERS

It’s almost impossible to get all the updates into one news post.
Just explore the site and check it out!

DXX-Rebirth v0.04 RELEASED!

  • Version 0.04 of D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth is now available in die DOWNLOAD section. See CHANGELOG for a full list of changes, fixes and new features.
  • Now I’m very proud to introduce you the newest DXX-Rebirth member: Maystorm ( henkelx[at]web[dot]de ). As myself he lives here in germany. Since v0.03 is released he spend restless hours with the ports to find every little bug and helped me out to solve them as fast as possible. Further I want to thank him for creative ideas and his assistance with the D1X-Source. Welcome to the team, Maystorm!
  • If v0.04 is going well and without new bugs I plan to implement some new features to the two ports. This includes a working cockpit for D1X in every resolution available. If this works this feature will be added to D2X as well. Further I think about to increase the number of maximum extra levels D1X and D2X are able to hold. But since I’m note sure why this isn’t working after all it will take some time.