Gameplay Trailer 2007/12/21

Zico playing a horrible run of Descent1 Level 4. MP3 playback with the Jukebox feature offered by SDL_mixer implementation written by Matt.
Music is: KMFDM – Ultra [NIHIL/1995]

45 deaths in 3 minutes

My first multiplayer match after 11 years. Here are all the deaths put together in a funny collection.
(P.S. Yes, this Video is edited. The original match took more than an hour – not just three minutes ;))

D2X-Rebirth on Linux using GOG content

This tutorial from Linux Game Cast shows how to install and run D2X-Rebirth using the game content by GOG on Linux. This tutorial can also be applied to D1X-Rebirth pretty much as well.
[Linux Game Cast Site]

D1X-Rebirth on the livestream!

Flaose – of the Stream Team – played through levels 1 to 7 of Descent 1 using D1X-Rebirth. Check the full stream on his Flaose’s Youtube channel. And while you are at it, give that man a subscription!

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